Flexible learning options for individuals and teams

Inclusion Matrix

Self-awareness is key to developing leaders. This instrument is designed for leaders by title or influence. 

The Inclusion Matrix model and process delivers:


  1. An elevated and holistic leadership development conversation that transcends more narrow conversations associated with Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. 
  2. A deeper awareness of self and others to strengthen existing relationships and open doors to new relationships—critical to establishing inclusive leaders. 

The Inclusion Matrix applies to:

  • Key employees, managers and organizational leaders important to growing cultures that support an ever-more diverse workforce
  • Organizations who want to increase innovation and productivity
  • Organizations who see inclusive cultures as critical to attracting, retaining, and engaging top talent
  • Individuals and organizations who desire to improve communications and minimize conflict

" Just finished listening to this! Great insights and I think including vulnerability as the final skill is brilliant! Thank you for sharing. hashtag#leadershipmatters hashtag#inclusiveleadership "  -- Client responding to Forum Podcast


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The OstrichWheel™

All too often our organizational leaders act like an Ostrich by either putting their head in the sand or trying to avoid difficult situations. While this may be the case, blame and shame are not successful tools to help educate and develop our leaders in these times of an increasingly diversifying work culture.

We present the OstrichWheel™  educational platform in multiple session formats to engage your leaders and their teams through fun, interactive and sometimes challenging scenarios to help them get their head out of the sand and eyes on inclusive and innovative team production.

Flexible Delivery Options

Lunch & Learn / Mini-Learning Session (Suggested: 10 to 100 participants) 

- 1.5 hours – We define this as “Getting out of the Desert”-lite. 

- Perfect for staff meetings, team gatherings, team-building events.

Learning Outcomes

  • Increase awareness of how you “show up” and explore how that may or may not support an inclusive culture
  • Develop skills through experiential activities that can be utilized to create an inclusive workplace:


  • Introduction to our personal change model using: head, heart and hand
  • Defining and constructing positive conversations – how to stop “walking on eggshells.”
  • Getting out of the desert by making risk manageable through some basic skill development to help step into it.

Two-hour or Four-hour Sessions (Suggested: 10 to 30 participants)

- Interactive sessions using a combination of presentation, video and interactive activities

- Introduction to three foundational skills for getting out of the desert by understanding the need for change, your place in making change happen and the skills needed to sustain inclusive cultures.

- Four-hour session includes in-depth interactive exercises to develop specific inclusive communication skills

Learning outcomes

  • Current diversity & inclusion landscape
  • Introduction to understanding unconscious bias
  • Understanding personal ownership in making change: How to stop walking on eggshells, Head, Heart, Hand model to behavior change, “I” statements, Mattering techniques